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By Tanya Wilson


Oh la Oh la eah, rollin’ with Kid and Play! This week I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin. While the opportunity to spend time with the two well known ’80s rap artist was an honor and a whole lot of fun, the impact was greater than that.

As I shared space with them, Isaiah 49:5 kept ringing in my spirit; which is the verse that reminds us that from the womb of our mothers, the Lord knows us.

Two childhood friends knitted together for a life time through the vehicle of rap music and film, now grown men continuing their brand of positivity was refreshing. Christopher “Play” Martin has a strong mentoring presence in the faith based music community, along with, serving as a professor at two major HBCU’s teaching the history of hip hop. Christopher “Kid” Reid has found his path through comedy, as well as, other projects with purpose.

So often when turning on the television or the radio, we are flooded with the negative messaging of crime, lust and lies. If not that, our selection includes some form of a reality show which I am still trying to figure out why we are privy to 30 to 60 minutes of somebody else’s business.

Whether it is reaching back to Kid ‘n Play, or showcasing human interest stories around the countless number of people allowing God to use them for the greater good, of not just themselves, but others; it’s high time we continue finding ways to reinforce the positive offerings that are available in our community today.

My grandmother often said, “I am not where I am headed, but I am not still standing at the bus stop.” We all are destined higher even if we are not at the destination we want to be at; being on the move is a great start. Surrounding yourself with positive people that are living life on positive purpose is nourishing to our spirits.

The Lord knew back in the ’80s when Kid ‘n Play were running around on the stage only to end up doing the then famous “kick step,” that they would be carrying a positive message well into manhood.

We may not be “kick stepping,” but the work that we can contribute is powerful and sharing those gifts, is going to create the same energy and excitement when we show up as the experience Kid ‘n Play is enjoying. The Lord is not mono-focused, what He has done and is doing through Kid ‘n Play; is available to each one of us. You never know the level of encouragement, healing or celebration that your life is on course to bring to others. We have to be busy living on purpose, folks are waiting

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