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Sign stating No Firearms allowed with red circle and red line

Source: Frank Armstrong / Getty

After a Saturday standoff concluded with the gunman’s death in a Lake Norman neighborhood, neighbors expressed dismay that their reports hadn’t been taken more seriously.

“In October, we called the police due to a firearm altercation,” recounted Tommy Wagnoer, a resident of Bridgeport Neighborhood.

According to WBTV, the Sheriff’s Office responded and informed Wagnoer’s wife that they would confiscate the guns if possible, but the gun owner possessed a permit.

Since then, neighbors have observed other concerning behaviors, prompting thoughts of relocation if legal limitations prevented police intervention.

Neighbors’ apprehensions materialized Saturday morning when a heated argument escalated into a police standoff.

“We could hear the gunshots going on…They continued for about three hours,” Wagnoer recounted. “Our little girl, who’s six years old, was in the house with us, and we got to the room that didn’t have windows, and she was just screaming and just terrified the entire time. And there was not much we could do.”

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