Mooresville Residents Express Concern on Gun Law Discrepancies

Plus, Zyahna Bryant reminds us how people of color are disproportionately affected by gun violence.

A video obtained by FOX8 Cleveland shows the police pulling up to the boys as they raise their hands. Authorities also order the young men not to make any sudden moves.

A bidder driving the offer up identified themselves as Tamir Rice. And the top bidder's online name appeared to be "Racist McShootface."

"I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American firearm icon. The firearm for sale is the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin," he said in the description.

A Memphis man was arrested yesterday after bringing two guns to Easter Service on Sunday.  31-year-old Marcus Donald entered Bellevue Baptist Church yesterday, packing a loaded 40 caliber Beretta in the pocket of his pants and a 300 Blackout Assault Rifle in a backpack. A security guard was able to spot and disarm Donald before calling the Memphis Police Department. […]

President Barack Obama will answer questions Thursday evening on the thorny issue of the right to keep and bear arms.


For militia leader Ammon Bundy, the goal of the armed occupation is to force the government's hand in turning over federal land to ranchers and miners.

Emanuel and Interim Chicago Police Supt. John Escalante on Wednesday are slated to announce a "'de-escalation' approach to handling potential conflicts and standoffs, including making sure every 'operational' on-duty officer is equipped with a Taser."