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Source: Serhii Hryshchyshen / Getty

Some of your favorite daily comfort foods and snacks are in the process of being banned.

As we all know, it’s the additives and certain ingredients that make candy, snacks, and soda taste delicious and make them addictive. With Europe having already outlawed a number of the those specific additives, multiple states within America have jumped on the bandwagon to make the same changes, ultimately changing the original form of said treats, according to reports. California, for example, has already outlawed four additives found in Skittles that were linked to cancer and fertility issues.

New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois are now taking matters into their hands targeting 13 additives that are banned in European countries due to the alleged health risks. While it won’t be long before other states follow suit, reports say New Jersey and Missouri are also considering the ban. If the bill is passed, companies would need to change their recipes or face legal action – a major move regarding some of America’s favorite foods that experts believe would change the look, taste, and texture. Although slow change is being made, Maryland, South Dakota, Washington, and West Virginia have had their attempt at moving forward with the ban rejected.

Throughout several states, multiples ingredients that are used in bread and processed meats, including synthetic dyes that give certain processed foods a bright color, would all be on the chopping block.

“There is no consumer confusion on this issue,” Brian Ronholm, director of food safety at Consumer Reports says. “They want these chemicals out of foods.”

With the bills only currently in the committees within their state House, they must still go through the process of passing votes in the House, committees, Senate and getting the Governor to sign off before becoming a law.

If passed, the ban would go into effect in 2027.

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