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A new study published by the journal Cell Metabolism indicates that eating early helps with weight loss.  The research from two studies suggests that keeping meals within a 10-hour period could improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels. According to Cell Metabolism, two studies were conducted.  Participants consumed the same meals, and the number of calories and nutrients was consistent. One study revealed that individuals who ate on a later schedule were hungrier over a 24-hour period when they ate the same meals earlier in the day.  The participants also burned calories at a slower rate and appeared to store more calories. The other study revealed that eating meals within a 10-hour window reduced ‘bad cholesterol’ particles, which possibly indicates less risk factors for heart disease.  The group of participants of this study was firefighters who saw an improvement in their blood sugar and blood pressure levels.  Some of the firefighters had underlying health conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Courtney Peterson, a University of Alabama at Birmingham associate professor of nutrition sciences, says there is an “internal biological clock that makes you better at doing different things at different times of the day and that the best time for your metabolism in most people is the mid- to late morning.