Looks like you’ll have to do your dab at the house because this Friday’s pep rally at Romare Bearden Park has been cancelled due to icy weather expected in the area.  

Kimberly Tippett, and her son, Kamyrn Cain, were traveling along Interstate 30 in Garland, Texas when the twister crossed the packed highway and struck her vehicle and several others. Tippett, who lived in Plano, is the mother of two daughters who weren't present during the incident.

Historic South Carolina flooding has now taken the lives of 11 people, wiped out homes, and left many more without power.

Al Roker apologized after tweeting a smiling selfie during the historic flooding in South Carolina over the weekend.

At least seven people are dead due to record-breaking rain and floods in South Carolina that also cut power to 20,000 homes.

Friday starts off with a flash flood watch in the Charlotte region. Rain is expected to continue through Sunday, at times heavy, with expectation of  4 to 6 inches over the weekend. It looks like Hurricane Joaquin will remain too far offshore to impact the Charlotte area.  Though it has been upgraded to a Category 4, it […]

Hurricane Joaquin has strengthened to a Category 3 storm and remains elusive as to whether its on track to make landfall on the East Coast or turn and head out to sea.  Under any scenario, much of the Coast and inland will most likely see rain and lots of it over the course of the weekend […]

Al Roker's Weather Channel show was canceled after he and company president got into a dispute over email about Hurricane Katrina coverage

Where is New Orleans 10 years later, take a look at this infographic to see how Hurricane Katrina affected the beloved city.

The seventh fire in 10 days to break out at a southern Black church may have been caused by lightning, the FBI announced Wednesday. Officials from…

VIA CIAA Communications Thursday morning’s Rickey Smiley Morning Show has been cancelled; the CIAA Career Expo will operate on a two-hour delay at the Charlotte Convention Center. The Expo will be held from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Breakout Sessions will take place from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. All afternoon games and events will begin […]

If you think you had it bad, check out some scenes from Atlanta.