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Who decides what’s beautiful and what’s not in our society? I’ve always wondered why some women are considered drop dead gorgeous while others, not so much. In the past, the standard of beauty in America has been “blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny”. It’s no secret that as African American women, we are known for our larger butts and boobs, fuller lips and darker skin which obviously the complete opposite of the standard “American Beauty stereotype”, or however you choose to look at it. In this day and age however, as we see women of other races becoming successful in Hollywood, that standard has changed with the majority of women wanting curvier bodies, fuller lips, and darker skin!  Give it up for the sistas!

A recent study done by Allure Magazine states that Americans have changed their opinions of what is sexy from 20 years ago. The survey stated that 64% of people  think that mixed race women represent the epitome of beauty, 70% of those surveyed want their skin color to be darker and 74% believe that a curvier body is more appealing than a skinner body. It’s interesting to see how the “opinion” of Americans on what is considered most beautiful has changed from 1991 till now. I personally believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, to each his own!

Take a look at  some of the other factors that have changed from 1991 till now below!

  • Beauty idol: Then, Christie Brinkly, now Angelina Jolie
  • Women’s peak age for beauty: Then, women said 34; men said 31. Now, women say 31; men say 28.
  • Women’s peak of sexual attractiveness: Then, women said 32; men said 30. Now, women say 31; men say 28.
  • Men’s peak age for handsomeness: Then, women said 35; men said 33. Now, women say 34; men say 31.
  • Men’s peak age of sexual attractiveness: Then, women said 33; men said 31. Now, women say 34; men say 30.
  • How important is physical appearance in attracting a significant other? Then, 37 percent of women said it was important. Now, 51 percent of women and 52 percent of men say it is either very important or the most important thing in attracting a mate.

Read the full article here.

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