A special NewsOne/Elev8 report: Bishop Eddie Long may have just brought the end to his Atlanta mega-congregation, the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. A source within New Birth says that the consequences of the Long sex scandal have amounted to a veritable “three strikes” against him. Strike One — Church elders are abandoning Long– The […]

CHICAGO– A group of Morehouse College students surprised Oprah during the “Farewell Spectacular” on Tuesday. The men are amongst a group of 400 recipients of…

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The University of California-Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative has awarded UC Riverside a $156,417 grant to encourage more African American undergraduates…

NEW YORK– Two loud explosions on E 53rd Street and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan caused by manholes exploding out the pavement caused a stir and confusion for nearby businesses. Police and fire crews are now investigating the cause.

A few months prior to the horrific tragedy of 9/11, my personal life was already shattered into a million pieces. In a matter of minutes, an issue that too often impacts the lives of African Americans hit directly home. My two-year-old son’s father was shot and killed; our lives left hanging in the balance. But […]

My mother is the greatest woman that I know or know of, yet I wouldn’t describe her as “strong”. I would describe her as clever, shrewd, and frequently outraged, intellectually curious and open to any and all possibilities. She is kind and she is beautiful, quick with her wit, slick with her tongue, among the […]

NewsOne is proud to welcome our new cartoonist Kevin Eason. You should expect new pieces from Kevin on a weekly basis as he tackles topics in popular culture ranging from politics, sports, and entertainment. Today, he takes on Alicia Keys finally speaking on the allegations from Swizz Beatz’ ex wife Mashonda that she is a […]

I just went to the hospital to visit Rasul “Rocky” Clark, a young man who was once a very talented high school football player. In the year 2000, Rocky took a bad hit, like many of us did while playing the sport. But this hit severed his spinal cord so badly that he was paralyzed […]

NEWARK– Former Cory Booker adviser Cami Anderson has been selected to Newark’s school system.

Close to 51 percent of Black Americans in a recent BlackPlanet/NewsOne poll think that President Obama’s covert operation in which he killed Osama Bin Laden will help him get re-electe. While polls on President Obama’s have yet to come out since Osama’s murder, many are expecting him to receive a positive spike. But while half […]

WASHINGTON– An African-American high school teacher in an urban Washington D.C. neighborhood school blogs about his students in order to capture the experience and challenges he faces to enhance the educational experience and lives of his students.

NEW ORLEANS–Louisiana’s governor wants to merge New Orlean’s sole historically Black state-funded university, Southern University at New Orleans, with a predominately White institution, the University of New Orleans,  in an effort he said to improve both schools’ educational conditions.