College scholarships provides another avenue of possibility for high school students to achieve their goal of walking the corridors of a university campus, becoming a college student and experiencing life in a higher education environment.  The My Brother’s Keeper of Charlotte-Mecklenburg – in partnership with Bellevue University and the United Soccer League – is helping […]

Without question, young African American men face a myriad of challenges.  In a society that often see black men as a threat, expendable and in many ways a labor pool to be exploited, there’s a heavy lift for organizations working diligently to change the narrative.  My Brother’s Keeper – Charlotte/Mecklenburg is doing extraordinary work challenging […]


The "Trayvon Martin" speech was a watershed moment for President Obama. It proved to the Black community that he understood the plight faced by young Black men in America.


As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, NewsOne takes a look at some of his most impressive wins.

President Barack Obama held a day of action at the White House on Friday.

President Obama advocates for My Brother's Keeper initiative. He affirms that the program, which helps young men of color, also benefits the U.S. economy.

The Obama administration unveiled details of a plan to curb chronic absenteeism. A core of mentors in several major cities will work with at-risk students, along with an ad campaign targeting parents.


Trump claims that if the Ohio governor were to quit, then that would put him in a better position to win. "If I didn't have Kasich, I automatically win," Trump said during a visit in Wisconsin on Sunday.

President Barack Obama arrived in New York City Monday morning to announce the launch of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance at Lehman College in the…


In celebration of Women’s History month, we revisit a timely and deeply personal essay by journalist Jennifer Marby outlining why equal opportunity in 21st Century America…


In February, President Barack Obama announced an initiative to respond to the economic, employment, and educational disparities that young men of color face as they enter…

President Barack Obama‘s “Year Of Action” plans have been part of an aggressive push by the administration not to fall into lame-duck status. My Brother’s…