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Today is Valentine’s Day… let’s take a look at our bedrooms, especially if you’re expecting champagne, roses, and maybe a little something extra tonight. Ladies, you want to make sure your bedroom is ready for romance. Here are some tips from apartmenttherapy to set the mood:

Declutter: A clean bedroom is the best turn-on. Keep your night tables clear, your sheets clean and your bed made.

Bedding: Whether your sheets are white or colored, high thread count or t-shirt material, make sure they’re clean and soft to the touch. We indulge and take our sheets to be cleaned and pressed once a week; we love slipping into freshly ironed sheets.

A rug: Bearskin maybe over the top but whether it’s your feet or your back (it’s nice to have options), a rug next to your bed is a must.

Music: Whether it’s an IPod doc or something more complex, let the music play. Even better if you create a special soundtrack.

Scents: Try scented candles or spraying your sheets with a linen spray. Flowers add a subtle fragrance, a welcome spot of color and touch of luxury.


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