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Make your bed everyday, regardless of how you “feel” when you wake up. It is great to add the structure to your morning, and it helps you to wake up quickly.

Here are a few simple steps to make a bed, and make your room appear less cluttered and chaotic.

1) Gather Supplies

Choose bed linens that are comfortable and beautiful for you. If you like the way a bed skirt makes your room look, then by all means grab your favorite. If you’re more minimalistic in your bed linen approach, that’s fine too. A bed that is made, however simply, is still a major improvement over a mass of pillows and blankets.

2) Remove Used Linens

Take off the used linens and put them in the laundry. Shake out any mattress pads, pillow protectors, and comforters that don’t need to be laundered.If you use a bed skirt and it needs to be laundered, remove and replace it.

5 quick ways to organize your bedroom.

3 )Put the Bottom Sheet On

If your bottom sheet is fitted, simply slip the corner pockets onto the ends of the bed and adjust the fitted sheet around the perimeter underneath the mattress pad and mattress. If your bottom sheet is flat, arrange the sheet so that 1 foot of sheet hangs over the edge of the top of your bed. Beginning with the sides of the bed create hospital corners and fold under the mattress and mattress pad. Continue on each side, creasing and folding as you go.

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Upgrade your bedroom without buying anything new.