House Bill 142 was introduced yesterday as the repeal bill to controversial “bathroom” bill HB2. It happened quickly an many don’t understand what really just happened. Thanks to CharlotteFive for breaking it down for us here.  Charlotte Five shares that the bill has three parts: (1) Repeal HB2. (Translation: The part of the law that […]

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina announced late yesterday that an agreement has been reached to repeal HB2.  HB2, the state law prohibits transgender people from using bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities, has caused much controversy and revenue loss for the state. This new deal reached with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, would repeal HB2,  leave […]

Kev On Stage is the newly appointed leader of the relations committee of the Get Up Church.

North Carolina’s anti-gay “bathroom bill” has been the center of a lot of controversy this year — and “The Daily Show” decided to put the bill to the test. The state’s discriminatory HB2 bill, which was passed in March, restricts transgender people from using the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity and also allows businesses […]

The Obama administration issued a directive this morning to all U.S. public school districts, requiring them to allow transgender students to have access to bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity, rather than their birth identity. The Departments of Education and Justice Department instructed schools to abide by transgender students’ identity, rather than their […]

  Just moments ago, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department, asking a federal court to agree that the state’s “bathroom law” is not discriminatory. In the complaint, McCrory alleges the federal government is guilty of “baseless and blatant overreach.” McCrory was required to respond to the Justice Department’s request that he abandon the […]

Do you think we should have gender neutral bathrooms?

Courtesy of CNN Money Dot Com “When you gotta go, you gotta go!”  Well, according to the WaterSaver Faucet Company, it doesn’t quite work like…

We start our day in the bathroom. At the end of the day, we take a shower or a long relaxing bath (hopefully!) So don’t you feel you deserve a clean, and soothing space? Here is how you can clutter clear and organize your bathroom in a few easy steps: 1. Clean out every drawer […]

Can’t afford to go to a fancy spa? Why not pamper yourself at home by making your own bath salts. Here’s an inexpensive way to make your own bath salts: Things you’ll need: 2 cups Epsom salts 1 cup Sea salt 6 drops eucalyptus oil 10 drops rosemary oil 15 drops peppermint oil Loofah Candles […]

While bathrooms should be functional, they should also look good. In a small apartment, there are a handful of ways to maximize space without compromising good design. Here are some tips that will take your bathroom from drab to fab courtesy of 1) Cleaning: Start by giving this room a good scrubbing. Walls, tiles, […]

Most of us take advantage of the warm weather at the beginning of spring to air out the house and tackle some of the larger jobs we’ve been putting off around the home. Now is a good time to get the job done and give the house a cleaning for the activities of summer.