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Most of us take advantage of the warm weather at the beginning of spring to air out the house and tackle some of the larger jobs we’ve been putting off around the home. Now is a good time to get the job done and give the house a cleaning for the activities of summer.1) Declutter.

Clear all surfaces and remove towels and bathmats. Roundup all bathroom paraphernalia – toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos etc and place in a single container. Clean the tub, shower, sink and toilet.

2) Ceilings, Walls and Exhaust Fans. Wipe down your walls and tiles. Clean tiles and grout with an eco–friendly product.

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3) Windows and Blinds. Wash windows with window cleaner or vinegar, then dry immediately with newspaper. Wipe over blinds with a duster.

4) Clean and Organize Medicine Cabinet. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet. Check dates on cosmetics and medical products. Get rid of any items that are empty or have not been used recently. Wipe out all shelves and drawers.

Replace all towels and hand towels with fresh ones.

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