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From 1910 to 1960, 9 million Black Americans left the Jim Crow South in search of better realities. They realized the American Dream could never be theirs with the nightmare of slavery still in such plain sight.

Until 2017, many of their descendants found ways to survive northern cities and suburbs by navigating America’s more subtle forms of racial oppression. The spin-offs of chattel slavery, including the war on drugs, mass incarceration and deliberate economic and political disenfranchisement of “free” Black Americans naturally filled the gaps of opportunity that Abraham Lincoln‘s reluctant emancipation created.

History has proven that America’s Rosewoods and Black Wall Streets never last long. And with Donald Trump‘s regime promising and proving its intentions to return the United States to its pre-1960s “greatness,” those who can afford to leave would be wise to seek international refuge before submitting to four years inside America’s wall of ignorance with its rabid new ruler.

It’s now clearer than ever that the U.S.’s “nation of immigrants” branding was nothing more than a marketing scheme used to justify the founding fathers’ millions of unresolved kidnapping, breaking and entering cases. Sadly, Chief Keef and Tadoe will never have executive orders signed granting them the lenience given to America’s former and current slave owners.

Now that President Trump is so boldly reneging on his predecessors’ promises, the many who bought the dream and its comforts are kicking and screaming instead of swinging and moving.

My millennial advice for those dissatisfied with the progress their protests are bringing: If your descendants were fooled into a patriotic slumber by America’s clever “immigrant-friendly” re-branding, you should strongly consider taking your talents elsewhere; at least until this destructive regime commits suicide by isolation.

If you’re criticized like LeBron James or Kevin Durant for defecting, remember Muhammad Ali‘s loyalty to himself and his people. Wish your Dan Gilberts and Russell Westbrooks the best and keep it moving as quickly as they would move you if you blocked their vision of “the dream.” Know your dreams aren’t limited by the borders Trump wants to limit his America to.

No ethnic enclave from Harlem to Chinatown is capable of shielding its people from the reach of Trump’s reckless rule over the next four years. Even those still using old cloaks of privilege, thinking they will blend in among the powerful, will eventually be touched by Trump and his White walkers’ war on the rest of world. It doesn’t take a political genius to recognize that even America’s most blissfully ignorant elite are just as likely to become collateral damage of this mad king’s reign as Trayvon Martin. Now, George Zimmerman has more than a gun and a neighborhood watch badge. He has the U.S. military and its nuclear codes.

As Trump and White Supremacy live out their last gasps like Tony Montana, those who are capable of building better realities abroad should do their googles and get to work on an international escape plan. No matter how much cocaine he sniffs, the world will never be his or any ones, unless we allow it.

If your roots are planted too deeply in America’s soil to be uplifted, ask yourself if the dream you’ve been chasing isn’t actually within greater reach on the other side of Trump’s wall. I’ll spare you the details of how cost of living decreases just as exponentially as quality of life increase in hundreds of country abroad. I trust you’re capable of imagining your own dream life on your own without my selfies and Yelp! reviews. In reality, the best evidence I can give for American emigration comes from history:

Crispus Attucks was the first man to give his life in the war that won America its independence from Great Britain. Still, two centuries and a few decades later, his greatest grandchild is just as likely to be shot dead in the street by an occupying officer without a reasonable cause or hope of justice.

No American Dream is worth the nightmare of the Trump administration. As his lies and the lies of those before him burn before our eyes, I urge those Americans who still have the privilege of escaping to research what it would take to create a better reality for themselves and their families somewhere beyond the border.


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