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Inspiration: Find Joy In Your Life And Family

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By Tanya Wilson


Recently, the news has been filled with a series of tragic events. I can’t help but wonder what has happened. It isn’t that

tragedy is new; it just feels like ugliness is on the rise. I miss the simple days of children playing hopscotch. The sound of the ice cream truck seems so far away.

Loss of hope with faces covered with plastic joy is what I am noticing more and more. The stress many are under is disallowing true happiness. Everything now is online, we can’t even meet someone under natural conditions, rather, we have to “judge” a picture and a profile. God help you if you are not photogenic, or you don’t express yourself well in writing, someone may

never discover the gift you truly are.

We are our future! We are the hope that our children have. There is nothing more important than the loved ones and friends that we are blessed to have. What are we teaching our future generations. How many more kids have to disappear after chasing a profile and a picture? How many more have to be bullied? We have got to get back to basics. We have to stop and celebrate the gift of life. We have to ask ourselves what is really important. We have to trust that we don’t have to worry about the solution, because the solution is already worked out. We must redirect our energy toward our families and our children. We must model for them what true living is. We must model what love is.

I may not hear the sounds of “Mr. Softee” anytime soon, but I long for the sounds of laughter amongst families, I long to see kids outside exercising instead of staring aimlessly at television or games most of their waking hour. I long to see shorter lines at McDonalds, and longer lines at the market. I miss our families. We are worth it. It doesn’t matter what it looks like and it

doesn’t matter what others say, speak abundant life over yourself and be encouraged.

Tanya Wilson is a Charlotte-based inspirational speaker. Find her on Facebook.