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The movement #BlackLivesMatter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer George Zimmerman was acquitted for his crime, and the slain 17-year old was posthumously placed on trial for his own murder.

Today the battlefield in the fight for justice has expanded across the nation.

We’ve seen protesters marching through the streets changing “Black lives matter,” disrupting commerce, traffic and shutting down streets all across America in the past week in response to two separate grand juries deciding not to indict police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo for killing unarmed Black men.

On Friday, Nyle Fort, minister, writer and organizer with Black Lives Matter, joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to talk about the movement for social justice that is gaining steam and sweeping the nation.

Fort told Martin, “We are seeing an awakening of sorts. We saw it rising out of the context of Ferguson, Mo. with the tragic shooting death of  Michael Brown.

“Many of us are recognizing on our twitter feed, on our Facebook posts, as we can see via social media and out on the streets, folks have had enough–not just in Ferguson, but all across the country.”

“We see folks shutting it down, we see folks have had enough and Ferguson is sort of a ground zero for a larger national movement,” Fort said.

Fort said that the youth in America are realizing that “although we have a Black president it doesn’t necessarily mean we have Black progress.”

While talking about the massive acts of spontaneous marches that are taking place across the country Fort explained, “Its very important not to be satisfied with symbolic protests.”

“Justice is manifested in various different ways. Folks are outside in the streets because we have not gotten it in the courts. So, policy level decisions are extremely important. I think that there are several groups on the ground that have been pushing towards policy level changes, but we also need folks out in the streets. So it’s not a either/or, it’s definitely a both/and,” Fort said.

“We need to bring all our energies to the various different sectors of this movement so that we can bring about justice.”

Listen to portions of Martin and Nyle Fort’s conversation about #BlackLivesMatter and the movement that is spreading across the nation demanding justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner and the countless others who are victims of police violence below.

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