A federal judge approved a settlement Tuesday for an undisclosed amount in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Brown's parents, Lezley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr.

Former Black Panther Sekou Odinga and Black Lives Matter activist Larry Fellows may come from different Black liberation movements, but both understand that to truly celebrate Black History Month, we must dig deeper.


To date, the painting has been removed and hung again at least three times in the past week.

Yesterday, 29-year-old activist Darren Seals was found dead in Ferguson, MO. Police said they answered calls reporting a burning car, and found Seals inside with a fatal gunshot wound. Seals was best known as lead in the protests in Ferguson after Michael Brown was killed in 2014. Brown, an African-American, was shot and killed by white officer […]

According to a review of the book by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the authors were seeking to spread a message of “hope, healing and unity,” but instead many are saying the book doesn't do enough to explain the traverse effects surrounding what led to the city's collapse.

The Ferguson Police Department has hired veteran Miami police officer, Delrish Moss to serve as its new chief.  With two decades of experience, Moss hopes to help the St. Louis suburb rebound after the highly publicized 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III said in a statement, “We understand the past […]

Delrish Moss, a 32-year veteran of the Miami Police Department, was announced as the choice on Thursday (Mar. 31) out of 54 applicants. Moss, who is Black, will have authority over a majority of police officers who are White and manage a town where two-thirds of the residents are African-American.


Vice President Joe Biden will present at the Academy Awards in Hollywood on Sunday. No word yet on which category Biden will present.

Officials in Ferguson, Missouri and the Department of Justice announced a tentative deal on Wednesday to overhaul the city's embattled police force in an effort to avoid a costly court battle, reports USA Today.


The Missouri city and DOJ officials are nearing a reform deal that will likely effect change and overhaul "unconstitutional" policing.

A teenager who participated in multiple protests in Ferguson has been sentenced to eight years in prison for setting a local Berkeley, Mo. QuikTrip on fire.

Former assistant city manager De'Carlon Seewood will take the title of Ferguson's city manager.