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Some black women (and gay men) are angry about Essence magazine hiring a white woman as the fashion editor, but they should really be angry about the constant images in all media that damage girls self-esteem.

Girl Talk and other local non-profits have teamed to present the documentary “Cover Girl Culture.” It will be screened at UNC

Charlotte, Aug. 18, at 6:30 p.m. Area middle

school girls and their parents are encouraged to attend this free event.

The new documentary is by Nicole Clark, a former Elite fashion model turned champion for young girls and their self-esteem. She uses the film to explore how the worlds of fashion, modeling, advertising and celebrity impact our teens and young women. It features interviews with models, agents, editors, designers and advertisers.

The film asks asks: Who sets today’s standards for beauty, and how are

these standards affecting individuals and society? Who is responsible? Are there ways this can be changed? If so, who can/will change it?

After the film there will be a talk-back about how girls can deal with media images that are harmful to their self esteem.

One hint: It starts at home.

The event will be held in After Hours in the Cone University Center.

More info:

Read more about Essence’s new hire.