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The exchange of release between Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and Taliban fighters has unleashed a fury of very personal and hateful attacks on the US Army Soldier and his family. In an extraordinary attempt to sully Sgt. Bergdahl’s service, Conservative media outlets are muddying the events that led to the tragic death of eight soldiers and Bergdahl’s abandonment of his post.

Although Bergdahl has yet to speak or defend himself in any proceeding, Conservative commentators and pundits, as well as soldiers that appears to have served with Bergdahl, accused him of desertion. Even more shameful are the vicious attacks against Bob Bergdahl, a father who appears to have exhausted every available effort to obtain freedom for his son – including learning the language of the Taliban to communicate with his son Bowe and express a desire to see him freed. This vicious campaign is nothing more than a cynical attempt to obsure the real reason Conservatives have attacked the Bergdahls – political expediancy and to bash President Obama. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, delves deep in this nasty and rabidly hateful campaign.