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Thursday marked the five-year anniversary of the death of the late Luther Vandross. Luther was an amazing talent, considered one of the best in the R & B game, but his time on Earth was cut short.

Like many African Americans Luther Vandross was living with diabetes and hypertension, which can be attributed to the many changes in his weight gain and loss.

In 2003, just a few days before his 52nd birthday, Luther suffered a stroke. The stroke took severe damage on his body which resulted to his health deteriorating. His death is yet another example of the harsh reality of how hypertension and diabetes has taken individuals in the African-American community rapidly. We must address why this is happening and how we can reduce the death rate to save our lives.

Exercise is one of the most important aids to lower hypertension. It also assists with weight loss in addition to a balanced diet. Applying a consistent routine on a daily basis can make a difference. No matter how high or low the intensity, exercise is necessary for your health. Using idle time to become hyper is an excellent way to discover new activities or completing tasks on your to-do lists. Being hyper can serve as a dual incentive for getting household chores completed and burning calories. Handling chores such as sweeping, moping and taking out the trash can evoke hyper activity that will jolt your body.