The National Institutes of Health has partnered with Tulane University and forty-two churches in the New Orleans area to start a five-year study to address hypertension in the black community.  A grant of $7.6 million has been donated to train church wellness coordinators to work with church members to start early conversations about disparities in […]


Dr. Jennifer Caudle explained on NewsOne Now that many African-Americans don't realize how important sleep is and many of us take it for granted. According to Caudle, the average American should get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, the majority of the American populace does not reach this mark.

Older or younger, you already know you should be working out more. But now, a new study suggests that getting more fit might also reduce…

Thursday marked the five-year anniversary of the death of the late Luther Vandross. Luther was an amazing talent, considered one of the best in the R & B game, but his time on Earth was cut short. Like many African Americans Luther Vandross was living with diabetes and hypertension, which can be attributed to the many changes in his weight gain and loss.