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A billboard along Billy Graham Parkway paid for by the Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics made me think about labels.

The billboard featured an American flag background and quoted the original phrase from the Pledge of Allegiance – “One Nation indivisible” – before “under God” was inserted after “one nation” in 1954. Vandals recently spray-painted “Under God” on the billboard.

Reporter Tim Funk wrote in an article today stating that “The “Under God” spray-painted by vandals onto an atheist billboard on Billy Graham Parkway over the weekend won’t be gone until just before July 4, a spokesman for Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics said today.”

Atheists organizations throughout country have purchased these billboards to show that atheists are also patriotic. Considering how some Americans equate God and patriotism, it’s easy to understand why atheists feel the need to publicize their love for America.

Here’s my question. Why is the news media calling them atheist billboards? Why can’t they be considered patriotic billboards?