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In Charlotte, protestors will gather in the parking lot in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods off of JW Clay Blvd, just off of WT Harris (exit 45A off of I-85) at about 12 p.m. on Monday. Typically, protestors carpools, said Rev. Rodney Sadler.

Once in Raleigh protestors will meet at a local church for training in civil disobedience. Those who do not want to be arrested will participate in a rally and press conference. Sadler emphasized that participants do not have to be arrested in order to participate.

At about 5:30 the group will part and those participating in civil disobedience will be blessed and march into the General Assembly building and the arrests will begin. The supporters outside then turn their attention to cheering for the group with a rally near where they are loaded on buses. Then they will head to the county jail to wait for the protestors release and support them and the legal team.

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