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Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2013!  There is so much to do and God is counting on each and every one of us.  However, let me just say for the record, IF YOU are expecting business as usual from ME, YOU will be sadly mistaken!  I saw and I’m sure you saw a lot of mess from a lot of people in 2012 and I WILL NOT allow it to contaminate my life in 2013!  You know how people do, say and make promises but don’t follow through!  Well it’s NO LONGER my problem and if shouldn’t be yours either! 

I guess you could say it’s a sign of maturity or a sign of simply not taking it anymore.  Either way, it’s a new year!  Let’s move forward, further, be bolder, stronger and be more outspoken for Christ! 

Unfortunately, some people simply don’t direct themselves, but are directed by the people surrounding them. They sit back and wait for others to make their decisions, so if they don’t like the way things are going they will be able to wiggle out of whatever!  Eventually…THEY will grow up, however as for WHEN… might remain the question for a while.  But if you are looking to 2013 to change things in your life…IT WON’T!  It’s up to you, to ultimately have the mind set to change your ways, life and thinking if you are pushing for change and to make things better in your life!

Many of us are fans of Jesus!  Try being a follower of Jesus!  He will change your life forever!

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