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I had to participate in “scripture showers” as a preacher’s kid, where you were required to recite scripture on demand. Someone always beat me to “Jesus wept” (the shortest verse in the bible), so I’d recite the 23rd Psalms. I had no idea that I’d live that powerful word several times overs later in my youth and my adulthood.

The pain in my teens made me feel that God had forgotten me, and I spent most of my twenties murmuring “Woe is me” (W.I.M.) every chance I could. Grace, mercy, maturity and motherhood all ganged up on me in my thirties to offer me a new perspective on the rollercoaster ride that had become my journey. I ended up right back at the 23rd Psalms in my forties, which showed me how to respond to life rather than react to it. As I noticed how my life and purpose were improving, I began proclaiming “Whoa! It’s me!” (W.I.M.) everywhere someone would listen. I affirmed myself as a chosen vessel for God and declared a new understanding of the presence and power of God in my life, just as King David had done in this transformative text.

What made David such a great man was not his accomplishments or accrued wealth, but his acknowledgment of a greater power and purpose in good and bad times. He had moments where he reacted, but most of his moments were responses, positive reactions to his circumstances. As humans in the 21st century, we are taught to react negatively to things that happen. It’s a set up from the get up. Our posture in the universe will inform how and when we “go out on a W.I.M.” to declare the power of God in our ever-changing lives. The key to achieving higher levels of favor is to follow the example of King David, and unapologetically affirm that you are loved and cared for.

Consider each situation of your life as an honor. Resist reactions and embrace responses. Shift your perspective, your W.I.M. from the “woe is me” to the “Whoa! It’s me!”. It’s you that is being renewed, elevated, healed, transformed, perfected. Then wait and watch for God to show you miracles worth shouting about. With every blessing, new mercy and breakthrough, go “OUT ON A W.I.M.” and declare the power and presence of God with new understanding. Your self-affirmation, even in rough times, will become infectious, and by seeing the light in your life, others will be inspired to go out on a “W.I.M.” with you.