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VIA: Good Morning America

Part of being a diva is making sure your facial make-up is on-point, but your make-up may be giving you more than the perfect look. Former make-up artist Syama Meagher told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts that contagious bacteria like staphylococcus, micrococcus, e coli could all be lurking in your old make up.

Meagher offers these tips for keeping your make-up clean:

  • Sharpen your eye and lip pencils to remove the bacteria on the outer layers. Also use diluted bleach and makeup remover to clean your sharpener.
  • Wipe down your lipstick, or shave off the top of it with a blade especially if you have shared it with someone else.
  • Keep the lids and caps tightly closed. If you lost them, throw it out.
  • Use disposable applicators or wash your brushes every few weeks.

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