Good Morning America

The talk show host reveals her health issues came to a head after missing three doctors appointments due to her busy schedule.

TV producer Shonda Rhimes was minding her own business on Wednesday morning when she was misquoted by Good Morning America.

Reynolds remained vigilant that Castile did two things--followed proper protocol and informed the responding officer that he was in possession of a firearm. Reynolds repeatedly says he never brandished the weapon at any point during the traffic stop.

Millions of condolences and tributes have poured out since it was announced that Prince passed away on Thursday.

Robin Roberts returned to the “Good Morning America” anchor desk this morning, five months to the day since she underwent a bone marrow transplant to…

The mother of “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts has died, ABC News reported early Friday. Roberts made it home to Mississippi to see her…

VIA: “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd wants women to know when to give themselves “a permission slip” to take it easy. Her new book tackles the many of the obstacles women face daily, from sex to children, from men to thighs. Sherri Shepherd’s book encourages women to give themselves “permission slips.” After reading the excerpt […]

VIA: Good Morning America Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino appeared on Good Morning America this morning to promote her newest project, “Back to Me,” which was released today. Before her performance the singer sat down with GMA host Robin Roberts to discuss her the attempted suicide, relationship with a married man and how she […]

Sheri Davis, the Houston teacher who made her national debut in a cellphone video beating a student, spoke exclusively to George Stephanopoulos this morning. During the interview Davis says she was frustrated and poorly trained to handle the situation. And this may be true.

Part of being a diva is making sure your facial make-up is on-point, but your make-up may be giving you more than the perfect look.

While many say the economy is rebounding, the job market isn't coming along as fast. According to web sources the national unemployment rate inched closer to 10 percent. With that in mind, Good Morning America correspondent Tory Johnson says the answer may be matching your skills with several jobs. She calls this gigonomics.