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VIA: Good Morning America

While many say the economy is rebounding, the job market isn’t coming along as fast. According to web sources the national unemployment rate inched closer to 10 percent. With that in mind, Good Morning America correspondent Tory Johnson says the answer may be matching your skills with several jobs. She calls this gigonomics.

Gigonomics is the process of matching your skills with jobs, landing and managing holding down several gigs.

Getting Started

Perform a thorough skills assessment. In a full-time job, you’re likely focused on one core task that you perform every day using a specific skill. For example, you’re the administrative assistant, the graphic designer or the sales associate with very little variation. But as a gig worker you may be all of those things—and more—in any given week. Your work need not be limited to just one area of focus, so make a list of all of the things you know how to do, including things you’ve never been paid for.

For example, someone who’s handy around the house, but has never been paid as a handyman, can list that as a potential skill to put to work. Don’t hold back on this master list.

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