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Do you like spicy foods?  If you do, your taste buds may be onto something. The Journal of Proteome Research just released a study that says spicy substances may trigger protein changes in the body that assist with weight loss and fights fat storage.  The key ingredient, capsaicin is what researchers think is the catalyst to aid in cutting fat and calorie intake.  Want to know the thirteen spices that can revive up your metabolism?  Check them out below:

Note to people with softer taste buds: (The white membrane and seeds are the source of the spiciness, so simply use less of them if the pepper is too much for your taste.)

Aji: Use this South American pepper in salsa, ceviche, sauces, or pickled dishes.

Cayenne: Add it, finely chopped, to sauces, stews, soups, or dips.

Chiltepin: Chop it up for soups, stews, salsas, or chorizo.

Chile de Arbol: Use it in huevos rancheros or fish dishes.

See the full list.