Easter is a highly anticipated holiday for kids. After going through Lent with out any treats, Easter would deliver a basket of goodies and a sugar high that caused a crash reminiscent of the 1929 stock market disaster. When I became a mom, I realized the calories in those Easter treats were not worth the gym time to work them off. I also learned that I could create a basket for my kids that would be well received, and also better for them.

The calorie counts in some of the most popular Easter basket treats should require sign-up in a spin class immediately following that last tasty bite. A Cadbury Cream Egg has 170 calories, in one egg! A four-pack of marshmallow peeps have 130 calories. And the Easter basket staple, a seven ounce hollow chocolate bunny has half a day’s worth of calories at 1,050!

Instead, try these lower calorie candy alternatives, because we all know an Easter basket wouldn’t be the same without them.

* 10 Jelly Beans – around 50 calories

* 1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – around 90 calories

* 4 Hershey’s Kisses – 90 calories

* 3 Butterscotch hard candies – 70 calories

* Sugar-free Dubble Bubble gum – 7 calories each

Fill just a few eggs with these treats to keep the calorie and sugar crash to a minimum for everyone. Then stock the baskets with these healthier, and even more fun, alternatives that get them ready for spring!

1. Bubbles

2. Sidewalk chalk and paint

3. New flip-flops

4. Jump ropes

5. Hula Hoops