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Senior woman practicing yoga in living room

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Today is Wellness Wednesday! As Stress Awareness Month continues, today’s tip of the day is to try yoga or walking in nature!  Now, I love yoga. I also love walking. However, doing both outside gives off a different energy.  Also, being one with nature is very soothing.  So, don’t be shy. Join me and get out there on your patio, yard, or even go to the park to get your yoga on! In addition, don’t forget that leisurely walk! I wouldn’t advice the speed walk. I suggest more of a casual walk As you walk, try taking deep breathes and challenging yourself to hear all of the different sounds around you, such as: the birds chirping; the wind blowing; leave on the trees; cars driving past; water from a lake or pond; maybe even other people. These activities help us manage that stress a little better. I hope today’s Wellness Wednesday benefits you!