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Folks use to joke me for the amount of time I use to spend at church in Baltimore and it is looking like that is slowly happening now that I am here in Charlotte and actively involved. I enjoy the time spent around like-minded folks and just feel good doing things for God and not just always being focused on me. For I know God has that under control….all my desires, wants and needs only God can bring to pass….so that they will last because His hand is involved, not man’s. So, in the meantime, I turn my attention on serving Him in different ways, inside/outside the church.

In giving of my time (service at church), tithe (a tenth of my pay to church) and talent (expertise to church), I have allowed room in my life for God to fill my life with an abundant overflow of blessings. They may not be what I desire all the time, but they are definitely things I need….and, always right on time.

We are a blessed people, if you don’t think so go visit your local shelter or watch the news and CNN and see the devastation throughout the world. We ARE a blessed people. And, with that we must worship God not just with singing and praising but, by giving back to God. I encourage you that you will not regret it.

Now, you may go to church and that is great….but, are you actively involved in church? Do you tithe and not just give an offering? Do you offer your professional services for a special project in an area that the church may be in need?

For me being able to not just survive, but thrive these seven years of working on my own….with no other income…let me say that again….no other income…..has been possible because I have given God my time, talent and treasure. Not always easy, but always necessary. Now, in the beginning and throughout the years, I felt that my time and talent was to go to my company….in order to have the tithe to provide the church. With that thinking has come times when my company suffered financially. But, when those moments of fear was replaced by faith and I gave my tithe, God always provided….either thru a client finally paying me, a friend saying that God placed me on their heart to give some money or pray for, a supportive parent, an undiscovered resource ( a ram in the bush), whatever…bottom-line, I have always been able to pay my bills.

Now, don’t get it twisted…this continues to be a faith walk. As I give my time, talent and tithe and trust, I worship God and allow Him to provide an overflow…..and my saucer is ready to handle what the cup can’t hold…however it comes!

Walk in faith. Live in love.

Mo Wood

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