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Mecklenburg County homeowners are facing a surprising challenge with their property tax bills.

A recent revaluation has led to an average increase of approximately 51% in tax bills.

While the state mandates revaluation every eight years, Mecklenburg County has chosen a more frequent interval of every four years. County leaders assert that this decision aims to ensure that the tax value of homes accurately mirrors the dynamic market conditions.

Property tax bills began circulating in March, catching many residents off guard.

The HOMES Grant, established by Mecklenburg County three years ago to assists homeowners in meeting their tax obligations. The acronym HOMES stands for Helping Out Mecklenburg homeowners with Economic Support.

To qualify for The HOMES Grant, homeowners must meet specific criteria: the property must be located in Mecklenburg County, the resident must have lived in the home for at least three consecutive years, and applicants should have a low to moderate income.

The application process is straightforward, taking approximately two minutes to complete. The deadline for submitting applications is November 17th. For those interested in obtaining more information or applying for The HOMES Grant, click here.

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