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President Biden Highlights The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law That Funds Replacement Of The Baltimore And Potomac Tunnel

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

The Biden Administration will end the Covid-19 national and public health emergency on May 11, according to the White House. This move is intended to signal that the pandemic’s crisis phase is gone.

With this change, the federal government’s coronavirus response would be reorganized. A large set of flexibilities put in place almost three years ago that allowed for free Covid treatments and tests would be dismantled.

The White House announced its strategy in reaction to two House Republican bills that would end the emergencies immediately, describing them as “a grave disservice to the American people.”

“This decision is based on what is best for the health of our country at this time,” the senior official said. “We’re in a pretty good place in the pandemic, we’ve come through the winter, and cases are down dramatically from where they were the past two winters.”

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