Biden is set to end the Covid-19 health emergency declarations in May.

December 30th is National Bacon Day.

Today is National Day of Encouragement.

Today is National Read A Book Day! To celebrate, check out this list of 2022 must-read books by black authors.

Today is National Son's and Daughter's Day.

Aug. 8th is National Happiness Happens Day.

July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day.

Today is national junk food day! To celebrate, here's a list every state's favorite junk food.

President Donald Trump will hit the theme “building a safe, strong and proud America” for his first official State of the Union address.

Former president Barack Obama criticized Trump for backing out of the Paris climate deal Thursday afternoon, saying that he is confident that the states will step up to protect the planet for future generations.


BOSTON (AP) — Former President Barack Obama, in his first public comments about the ongoing debate over his signature health care plan, implored members of Congress on Sunday to demonstrate political courage even if it goes against their party’s positions. Speech begins at 1:47:22 Obama briefly returned to the spotlight as he accepted the […]


A 15-year-old boy was fatally shot by two San Diego police officers on Saturday.