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 Video Source: Star Connor/ Ophelia C. Productions Inc./Amber ROXX Productions Inc./

Brazilian Blowout has been the lastest trend in salons nationwide. The intense smoothing treatment promises to improve the health of hair by coating the cuticle in protein, which eliminates frizz and leaves our tresses luxuriously shiny.

On its Website, the company boasts several factors that supposedly set it apart from the rest: The products are non-damaging and contain no harsh chemicals, the treatment is quick and can be completed in just 90 minutes, results are immediate and last for up to 12 weeks, and all products are allegedly formaldehyde-free.

Well, recent studies done by Oregon’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration have found that last claim to be untrue. After the FDA received complaints of  health effects caused during application of the Brazilian Blowout, chemists decided to test the products in a lab. Keep in mind that precautions are supposed to be taken when hair products contain even .1 percent formaldehyde. The two samples taken from different salons in Oregon found that the smoothing solution did, in fact, contain about 8 to 10 percent of the carcinogen.

The Brazilian Blowout recently gave an Educational Certification Roadshow, and one stop was Charlotte, NC, where local stylist came to witness a live demonstration, get certified, and learn is this product really safe.  Praise 100.9’s Yolanda Adams Morning Producer, Star Connor decided to take a trip and see what excatly this product was all about.

Overall, stylist were hesitant about the product due  to the danger facts, but willing to try it on their own hair just like the model before bringing it into more local salons.