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Tests on desks in empty classroom

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Another touching story went viral this past weekend just in time for the holidays.

It all started when Shawna Cantiliano of Antioch High School saw a message on a whiteboard from one of her classmates. It asked that whoever stole the classmate’s Nintendo 3DS to return it. The game console was a gift from the student’s grandmother and it meant a lot to them.

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“I felt bad when I saw the whiteboard,” Cantiliano said. “I thought, ‘I always see that kid playing on his 3DS, just ignoring all of his bullies and in his own little world. I just wanted to help.’”

Thus, Cantiliano and her friend, Piper Stowe, decided to raise money to buy the student a new 3DS. Its retail price was $200. “I wanted to give him a little hope in humanity,” Cantiliano said. “I just wanted him to not give up.”

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Once they raised the money, they surprised the student in his classroom and he broke down crying. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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