New York–  Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is planning on testing a new method of improving the worst schools in the city– replacing teachers and principals. RELATED: Top 5 MLK Speeches With school “Turnarounds”, The city would be going against it’s “philosophy of closing larger schools” to open smaller schools, but may receive less political blowback […]

California – With the budget woes only getting worse in California, Los Angeles county’s most traditional public schools are converting into charter schools. RELATED: 25 reasons we love Michael Jordan While the state has always been a leader in charter schools, it increased dramatically from six to 15 in the last year. The conversion has […]

Atlanta – Less than two percent of Black men in America have chosen teaching as a profession. In Atlanta, the situation is even more dire as only 18 percent of males are teachers in Gwinnett County. At the elementary school level, only 7 percent are male. With these numbers and the threat of close to […]

New York –A new report released by the New York City Department of Education is highlighting the lack of Black and Latino students at specialized high schools in New York City. Blacks and Latinos comprised of 70 percent of the student population in New York City. But, the report shows that out of the seven […]

Mississippi — A sex education policy will go into effect in 2012 after the Mississippi house narrowly passed a bill to educate students on sex in state schools. There will be two choices between abstinence only education or abstinence plus education. Parents could keep their children in the classes or out of the classes depending […]

Nevada — Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford is questioning the reductions to the state education system put forth by Gov. Sandoval, and the increase in funding for state prisons. The governor plans to reduce spending by $709 million in Vegas with 93 percent of the cuts made in education. The state prison budget is being […]

Cleveland — The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is using a new strategy to prevent dropouts – they want to show prison videos and images to show students what life may be like if they don’t stay in school. The documentary, “Insideout,” is being brought to Cleveland schools as a way of allowing the inmates to […]

Washington D.C. — Close to 74 percent of D.C. parents want Congress to bring back the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program which helped over 3,000 children from low income households yearly afford private schools of their parents choice. Parents in the area feel that the program should be reopened even if it won’t be able to […]

In a new survey taken by, nearly 42 percent of Blacks who attended white universities never had a Black professor. Close to three quarters…

New York — Since 2004, the city of New York has absorbed close to $42 million in unpaid lunch fees. Many New York city parents haven’t paid what they are required to for school lunches, and many school principals are stuck trying to collect the money from them. Since 2004, the city has absorbed at […]

California — Weekends usually aren’t the best time to engage high school students in important issues. But this past week, over 70 students packed the Berkeley High School auditorium to talk about the challenges facing Black youth. The conference titled “Black Youth in Crisis” discussed ways to address difficulties affecting Blacks in this school. “Our […]

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — An educational standards agency said Tuesday that it has placed Atlanta Public Schools on probation and given the system nine months to make improvements or risk losing accreditation for its high schools. Losing that standing could diminish grant money and make it harder for graduates to get into college.