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President Obama is known for thinking on his feet. The Obama heckler, identified as David Serrano, had positioned himself at the front of the stage and shouted, “The Christian God is the one and only true living God, the creator of Heaven and the Universe.” Watch the video of President Obama being heckled: Make sure […]

Earlier this week our sister sites, “Hello Beautiful“, “NewsOne” and “The Urban Daily” participated in hosting an  interactive conversation about the state of the union  with top Aides in the White House. The discussion ended with a surprise visit from the President answering questions directly for over 15 minutes. The forum, titled “Open for Questions […]

via source: President Obama will take his jobs pitch to North Carolina today where he will highlight the ways the American Jobs Act would benefit small businesses and once again urge Congress to pass the legislation. Obama’s speech this afternoon in Raleigh-Durham will be his fifth address on jobs in just seven days, and […]

President Obama wrapped up the debt-ceiling debate just in time to celebrate another important milestone, his 50th birthday.Take a look at Jennifer Hudson leading the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama on the eve of his 50th birthday and check out our photo gallery below: President Meets Circle Of Protection To […] Viasource: Barack Obama hits the half century mark today. Jennifer Hudson led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to “Mr. President” at a fundraising event in Chicago last night.

If there’s one mantra that’s always recited by politicians it’s “The American people want this,” and “The American people want that.” But based on the congressional gridlock surrounding the country’s deficit, it’s clear Republicans and Democrats are oblivious to what the American people really want, or need for that matter. Republicans and Tea Party members […]

Recent reports revealed that President Obama is considering cuts on Social Security and Medicare, as bargaining pieces in negotiations to reach an agreement with Republicans on raising the country’s debt ceiling. In what seems to be a race to find the best means to an end on a drawn-out battle between Democrats and Republicans, debt-ceiling […]

MSNBC indefinitely suspended Time magazine editor Mark Halperin after Halperin said President Obama acted like a d— during Wednesday’s press conference. Halperin made the comments during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Halperin quickly apologized. MSNBC’s statement: Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the President, The White House and all of […]

Does killing Osama Bin Laden improve President Obama’s re-election chances?Market Research

Families across the Southeastern United States are working to rebuild their lives after powerful storms and tornadoes caused them to lose their homes, family heirlooms and other property earlier this week. The storms, which hit parts of Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, were a part of a system moving across the nation. Damage totals from the […]

President Obama and the First Lady talk about bullying and the growing movement, led by young people, to make our communities places where young people can thrive: (WhiteHouse.Org) While it may not always be in the headlines, bullying is an issue that affects every young person in America, and we all have a responsibility to […]

“I pray that God will show me and all of us the limits of our understanding and open our ears and our hearts to our brothers and sisters with different points of view, that such reminders of our shared hopes and our shared dreams and our shared limitations as children of God will reveal a […]