By John Love What else do you have to do that is more important than conjuring up the most ridiculously beautiful dream you can imagine, then in defiance of all debilitating logic daring to live in the joy of it; dare to run naked through it outside the insidious grasp of fear? What better things […]

By Tanya Wilson 360You This week as I met with several of my coaching clients, I noticed there was a reoccurring theme across several meetings. With little exception, the client mentioned something negative that was said or done to them, either in business, family or friends. It became clear to me, that in most of […]

By Tanya M. Wilson 360You Last week, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” ended marking 25 years of production. The tribute that aired Monday and Tuesday of the final week, was not only star studded, but filled with a few glimpses into Oprah the person and the things that are important to her off camera. The generosity […]

For many of us, life can get pretty busy. If we look at our calendars they are filled with lots of entries. Church events, meetings, family activities, all if not managed against priority can get us into a place of not being effective in anything we are doing; we are just taking up space. While […]

Tanya Wilson 360You I had an interesting discussion around friendship the other day with a person in the coffee shop. The person I was chatting with was going on and on about a friend of theirs that did so many things for their family. The gifts that were given were amazing and the meals that […]

I must say that last week was one of the hardest weeks in my life from an emotional stand point. Our topics for the last few weeks were on faith, disobedience, and resisting temptation. It seemed as though God put me through all that to see if I could practice what I preach. Everything in […]

By Tanya Wilson 360 You During a recent trip to the mall, I was taken aback by a mother daughter shopping team. I could hear them before I saw them even though the little girl could not have been more than eight years old. As I listened to the little girl’s series of disrespectful rants […]

By Tanya Wilson 360You One of the things I believe I do well is self-assess. I am not afraid to own my stuff! For me, it is not about blaming others for my shortcomings. It’s about stepping up to the plate. I apologize for my mistakes, look closely at what I did well, and find […]

By Tanya Wilson 360You Oh la Oh la eah, rollin’ with Kid and Play! This week I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin. While the opportunity to spend time with the two well known ’80s rap artist was an honor and a whole lot of […]

Today’s words of wisdom comes from Sidney Poitier, he is a Bahamian American actor, film director, author, and diplomat. Pictured above: Sidney Poitier receiving the “Medal of Freedom” from President Obama 2009 I never had an occasion to question color, therefore, I only saw myself as what I was… a human being. I’ll always be […]

Tanya Wilson 360You I received a priceless gift during a recent speaking engagement here in Charlotte. As I entered the room prepared for my presentation, I noticed a woman seated in the audience whose face was familiar to me. While being escorted to my seat, I could see her trying to get my attention. I […]

Visiting with my aunt this week was a real treat. Living out of state, the coordination of visits can be challenging against schedules. This was a special time for my aunt and me because she is someone that I have looked up to and learned from since I was just 15 years old. I can’t […]