It’s amazing how social media has grown.  We use it to spread so much information and I am so pleased that people are now using it to spread God’s word.  Here’s a few pieces of inspiration from my social media feeds today. I hope they inspire and bless you like they have me. The glorious […]

By Tanya Wilson In September of 1988, musician song writer Bobby McFerrin released the first a cappella song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 1989, the song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” won Song of The Year, Record of The Year, and Bobby McFerrin won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. “In […]

There have been times in my life when I have encountered some amazing people. I’ve always called those times, receiving orchids from heaven. This week, I came face to face with an orchid experience that was life changing. I was in a place that I have never been or even heard of for that matter, […]

VIA PraiseHouston Praise 92.1 went Behind the Blessing with Gospel Recording Artist Kirk Franklin as Praise listeners asked Franklin questions about his success, ministry, and personal testimony. Robert “Praiseman” Washington also discussed the success of Kirk Franklin’s recent album “Hello Fear” and current Fearless tour. During this exclusive interview Franklin reveals how he came into […]

By Tanya Wilson One of my challenges with television has been finding something of value to watch during my down time. It’s really a matter of taste; for some there is a lot to watch, while others complain of having so many channels that have nothing to offer. Recently, I discovered a program that I […]

I have often gotten into trouble with my perspective that what I would do in a given situation would be done by someone else. The first problem with that thinking is that we are talking about two different people. Each person is entitled to conduct their lives according to their own decisions. So, for me […]

For the last year or so, when I hear the term “OMG,” it is like nails on a chalk board. My passion was intensified recently while on the phone with a long-time friend catching up on a number of topics, when all of a sudden, she says “O-M-G.” What!! I’ve asked myself a few times, […]

It can be hard sometimes to find inspiration around you, especially when you’re just stuck in your old routines and need a change. There are many definitions of inspiration – that could include writing, general beauty, or just a change in your surroundings that makes you stop and think. For example, sometimes sitting in a […]

Recently my dear friend and former sister-in-law Karen Patricia passed from this life. Initially, when I received the call, I was stunned because I just could not believe it was happening. “I just talked to her two days ago!” Karen had been dealing with illness most of her adult life, nevertheless, she always found a […]

VIA: How does love and obedience to God’s law go together? The Pharisees prided themselves in the knowledge of the law and their ritual requirements. They made it a life-time practice to study the six hundred and thirteen precepts of the Old Testament along with the numerous rabbinic commentaries. They tested Jesus to see […]

By DJuana “Dfitz” Fitzpatrick I had this preconceived notion that God continually speaks to us and tells us what to do and where to go. No one ever told me how to deal when God is silent. What am I suppose to do when I stop hearing God speak and I am not given any […]

Why would anyone think it safe to go surfing with a hurricane in tow? Having witnessed Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of my family, my sense is heightened around natural events such as Hurricane Irene. As I watched the various reports that provided insight into the path that the Hurricane was set to take, many […]