By Esih Efuru As a preacher’s kid, life had its moments to remember. I loved to hear the familiar songs and mantras coming from various pulpits and tents. I needed to believe the words I heard; I needed to hold on to the hope. It was the only thing that hadn’t been taken from me. […]

By Esih Efuru As a parent, you pray for, think about and worry over your children every day. You poke and prod at them to make sure they have what they need. Most of the time it annoys them, but deep down inside, they know you mean well. There are also moments when children need […]

By Esih Efuru I’ve had a lot of colorful adventures on my journey. Some were cartoon strips, like the humor I had to find within the pain of trauma, and others were Oscar winning sagas, like surviving a dysfunctional childhood, and watching cancer take out a third of my family in a five-year-period. Life for […]

By Tanya Wilson Does anyone remember home economics class? I learned to sew in high school home economics class. Even though I had never sewn before, it seemed that I picked it up quickly or so I thought. The first project was to sew a long flannel nightgown with a 6 piece pattern. Simple enough! […]

Go Kart driving is so much fun! Racing around a track, passing other drivers with the wind hitting my face is so exciting. When I have the chance to hit the track, I leave all my cares behind and just focus on zipping as fast as I can around and around until the whistle goes […]

By Esih Efuru My best buddy, Liz, has been unemployed for four years and receives no unemployment benefits. She’d been earnestly seeking employment and had three interviews lined up last week. The day after her first interview, her bank account was cleared out completely. To add weight to worry, her wallet, which included all of […]

I was sitting on the patio a few days ago and saw a family loading their car with 3 young people, all in their caps and gowns. Everyone was excited and the laughter could be heard across the yards. As they drove by, I couldn’t help noticing a large sign on the side doors congratulating […]

As a young kid, summer was my favorite time of year.  Once Memorial Day arrived, I knew it was only a few days until the school year would be ending with long days and no homework to look forward to.  Summer also meant at least one trip to the Atlantic City Beach where I was […]

By Tanya Wilson Visiting my parents is always a treat. Both are really funny people as I spend time with them in their later life. Each one is amazingly talented even at this age and stage of their journey. My mother is quite the “Energizer bunny” and keeps going and going even when there is […]

By Tanya Wilson There are a lot of people in the world today dealing all sorts of stuff! As I have been interacting with some of them, what has been interesting is the difference in how people are dealing with what comes their way. I have a couple of friends that I actually keep up […]

Have you ever noticed how easy it is when you are in the position of telling someone else what they should do about a situation? As easy as it is to spout off recommendations to others, when you are the one that has to take that great advice you gave someone else, it’s not always […]

Some years ago I encouraged a person that crossed my path to step out on faith and begin working in the area of their talent.  At the time that we met, they were involved in an abusive relationship both verbally and sometimes physical.  It was clear to me that the Lord was using our meeting […]