By Tanya Wilson Think about the times that you received a simple “thank you!” Perhaps you went out of your way to help someone, gave a gift; or any number of things for which you received a heartfelt “thank you.” You didn’t do what you did for the purpose of the “thank you” or even […]

By Tanya Wilson What do you have that you can share? What do you have too much of that you wouldn’t miss if you gave it away? I’m not talking about an annual pairing down of items to be donated to organizations like the Goodwill or The Salvation Army. I’m talking about sharing with no […]

By Esih Efuru The universe has already created a timeline for success within each of us. Life comes along to assist us in shifting our perspective to expectancy. Expect the great, as Johnathan Nelson and Purpose sing so emphatically. If you believe yourself to be great, then everything in and around you should reflect that […]

By Esih Efuru I admire how life springs forth from the soil and the roots of trees, and marvel at how God uses water, time and the elements to create such natural beauty. When my daughter’s music and arts camp gave each child a handful of seeds to plant at the beginning of the 6-week […]

By Tanya Wilson Isn’t it interesting how we pray for something, then receive it and if we are not mindful, begin complaining about the very thing we prayed for? We need a job, we are blessed with the job and if we don’t remain focused on our purpose for wanting and needing the job, we […]

“Believe In Your Potential”  Wisdom from The Christopher Gray Show! To book Christopher Gray to speak at your event, contact: CGM. Entertainment Inc. P.O. Box 471951 Charlotte, N.C. 28247 704-556-6177 (Audio)      

BY Esih Efuru I attended an expo this weekend that featured a variety of vendors and diverse performers. As I greeted familiar faces and introduced myself to new ones, I checked out the various singers and poets doing their thing on stage. Most of them did a great job and received a great response from […]

VIA The LightNC We are bombarded with statistics that detail the educational gap between black and white children. We hear that black families don’t value education. This little boy – and his parents – demonstrate that these things are not our total story. Our kids can learn and our families do value education. Check out […]

By Esih Efuru I came to Charlotte, N.C. from my hometown of New Jersey with my 1 year-old daughter, my stereo and a small collection of books and shoes. God revealed to me that it was time to move on, and leaving everything I knew was the way he needed me to start. The only […]

By Esih Efuru On my way home a few weeks ago, I reflected on a recent trip to the doctor’s office, where I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, a condition impacting the uterus. Consequently, I would need a hysterectomy, considering my extremely low hemoglobin levels. Naturally, I questioned God’s motives and wanted to know why I […]

By Tanya Wilson Traditionally summer time is filled with family reunions. All through the year family members work together to ensure that a great time is had by all. Many families depending on the size of the family opt for committees that work in partnership with each other. By reunion time, if all goes well, […]

We all have moments where we just feel down in the dumps. Here is a way to pick yourself  up out of the doldrums. Its…