GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF talks about a challenge that is going around the internet.

Israel Houghton came into the studio to hang with Erica Campbell and GRIFF! He talked about collaborating with Tye Tribbett on his latest project, and how much fun they had working together. Israel talks about his start and how he continues to garner the strength each day to face his most difficult challenges. Plus, Israel […]

In this Faith Talk, Erica Campbell reminds us that sometimes God challenges you to do something that nobody before you has done. But being the first is not an easy path to walk! You don’t have the advice or the example of somebody who’s been there before you to give you the confidence you need to […]

Babygirl had a challenging week. Listen in and see what and who helped her through her academic challenges this week.

It’s Day 2! I’m surprisingly not hungry. I was really full last night when I went to bed. I am noticing though, that I want to fix OTHER things with food. Like I think I’ve caught a cold or something. I want soup…or Thai food. Not because I’m hungry, but because that’s what I do […]

Okay so we’re at Day One! Let’s goooooo! Although weight loss is a benefit of the cleanse, I’m kind of doing a reset and detox. Totally excited about the weight loss though. lol! We are following JJ Smith’s Book and it is ON SALE today for $2.99. There are grocery lists, snack guidelines, and very […]

Robert Watkins and his King & Priest have meetings, teachings, books and newsletters that have been inspiring as well as encouraging.