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As President Obama’s time in the Oval Office nears its end, he’s still striving to reform our criminal justice system. According to reports, he plans on implementing new regulations that will lower the amount of child support prisoners pay when they’re behind bars. The Obama administration is aiming to reduce the amount of debt prisoners have when they are released. In many cases, individuals owe hefty back child support payments, which can ultimately result in a trip back to prison if they aren’t paid. According to a 2010 White House survey, 51,000 prisoners had to pay child support, 29,000 fell behind on payments and the average amount of money owed totaled almost $24,000. “The child support system as it exists today in a lot of ways has become … a major driver of mass incarceration,” said Rebecca Vallas of the Center for American Progress in a statement. Many Republicans are opposed to the move, but the Obama administration says it will move forward with the plan. “We are always happy to sit down and talk with Congress, but at some point we have to move forward with what we know we are legally permitted to do and what is right,” said a White House official. Read more.

Poll Shows Clinton Has 11-Point Lead Over Trump

According to a new poll released by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading her opponent Donald Trump by 11 points. The survey shows 48 percent of voters will vote for Clinton and 37 percent will support Trump. Clinton has received an outpouring of support from African-Americans, garnering 86 percent of its votes compared to Trump’s 9 percent. Clinton also has a 20-point advantage when it comes to women, topping Trump 55 percent to 35 percent. The poll was conducted on the heels of the second presidential debate. It also comes after Donald Trump’s sexual assault scandal broke. “Donald Trump’s chances of winning this election have faded,” said a pollster. “This poll is showing the writing on the wall.” Read more.

White Woman Jailed For Wrongly Accusing Black Men Of Kidnapping & Sexual Assault

A White woman who fabricated a story about being kidnapped, assaulted and raped by four Black men, will now face time behind bars. Twenty-five-year-old Leiha Ann-Sue Artman pled guilty to filing a false police report, landing her in jail for a year. According to reports, Artman told law enforcement officials she was kidnapped from her driveway, thrown in the trunk of her car, and taken to an undisclosed location, where she was beaten and raped. The entire account Artman provided was false. “At a later date, she implicated certain people who may have been involved in it, but still indicated the assault was committed by people not known to her,” said prosecutor Matt Roberts. Muskegon Circuit Judge Timothy Hicks sentenced her to 12 months behind bars, 24 months probation, and a $1,158 fine. Prior to this incident, Artman had several brushes with the law, including larceny, resisting a police officer, and breaking and entering. Read more.

Eazy-E’s Family Launches Kickstarter for Doc About His Death

With the release of films like Straight Outta Compton and Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, those who lived through the gangsta rap era are looking to share their experiences. The family of late rapper Eazy-E is currently working on a documentary that will delve into the cause of his death. It’s widely known that the rapper, who passed at age 30, died from complications of AIDS. However, there has always been a conspiracy theory surrounding his death. His daughter Ebie Wright and her mother Tracy Jernagin are creating a documentary called A Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies, which claims that Eazy-E was murdered. “The stories that we’re telling are mainly about the scandal surrounding my father’s death,” said Ebie. “But we also wanted to show his accomplishments, his personal life and, really, the aftermath of his demise and what happened to us. We never felt the story that was told to the public was the truth. It’s just something that has always pained us.” She and her mom have launched a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project. Read more.



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