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According to a new poll, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is edging out Donald Trump in the presidential race. The survey, conducted by CNN/ORC, revealed that Clinton’s rating increased by 7 points following the Democratic National Convention. Clinton is now in the lead with 52 percent, while Trump lags behind with 43 percent. There has also been an increase in the amount of people who believe Clinton’s policies will be beneficial for our country; that percentage jumped from 43 to 48 after the DNC. The poll also showed that 44 percent of voters are firmly standing behind Clinton and will vote for her in November, 36 percent of voters said that they will back Trump, and 16 percent of voters are indecisive. According to the poll, 50 percent of Americans believe that she has a good understanding of the problems Americans are confronted with and 48 percent believes she can create a sense of togetherness within our country. Read more.

TV One Has a New Original Film in the Works

The movie, titled Media, will delve into the trials and tribulations of a wealthy Black family that has built a reputation in the media industry. The film will depict the hardships they encounter while trying to maintain their prominence in the industry. The cast includes Brian White, Pooch Hall, Penny Johnson Jerald, Gary Dourdan, Stephen Bishop, Blue Kimble, Finesse Mitchell, Denise Boutte, Jimmy Gonzales, and others. The project will be executive produced by Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes and Susan Banks. “This storyline has been in the works for over six years and I am thrilled to finally bring it to our audience,” said Hughes. “My entire life has been dedicated to creating media outlets to entertain and inspire our community. We know our audience loves drama and that’s what MEDIA is all about.” TV One President Brad Siegel is excited about the project. “The outstanding cast and production team delivered on a truly excellent script. We are ecstatic with how it turned out and confident viewers will be riveted from the first minute of the movie to the end titles.” The film is slated to premiere on TV One in 2017. Read more.

Demonstrators Stage Sit-In Outside of Chicago’s Homan Square

Demonstrators in Chicago gathered outside of Homan Square — a detention center where scores of African-American men have been detained — and have remained there for 8 consecutive days in an effort to bring attention to the need for new police reforms. The protesters also called on local legislators to revoke a law that deems an attack on a law enforcement official a hate crime. The #LetUsBreathe and Black Youth Project 100 activist groups have joined forces and set up a camp site dubbed “Freedom Square.” “[Homan Square] is just emblematic of the fact that our system is boldly and unapologetically violent and destructive,” said activist Damon Williams. “There are a lot of things you can hide. But at a certain point you can’t hide a large building.” Homan Square has built a reputation for abusing Black men and detaining them in a warehouse off the records. The demonstrators said they will remain outside of Homan Square until their demands are reached. Read more.

Organizations Affiliated with Black Lives Matter Release List of Demands

Organizations allied with the Black Lives Matter movement have come together to create a set of demands. The policy, titled “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice,” was issued by the Movement for Black Lives on Monday and covers demands surrounding the death penalty, police brutality, criminal justice, and reparations for slavery. According to reports, the document features 40 demands. It also includes a call-to-action toolkit. “We seek radical transformation, not reactionary reform,” said Baltimore Bloc spokeswoman Michaela Brown. “As the 2016 election continues, this platform provides us with a way to intervene with an agenda that resists state and corporate power, an opportunity to implement policies that truly value the safety and humanity of Black lives, and an overall means to hold elected leaders accountable.” Other organizations that have joined forces with the Black Lives Matter Movement include The BlackOut Collective, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Alliance for Educational Justice, BIG: Blacks in Green, The Black Leadership Organizing Collaborative, and more. Read more.

‘Wendy Williams Show’ Staffers Get the Axe

After Wendy Williams’ controversial comments surrounding the NAACP and HBCUs put her in hot water, she has decided to fire several producers on her show. According to a source, the terminations have left The Wendy Williams Show staff in flux. Following actor Jesse Williams’ acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Wendy provided a controversial critique during her “Hot Topics” segment. “I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges,” she said. “What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.” After making the comments, Williams lost a sponsorship from Chevrolet. The show’s executives are reportedly looking to reshape it. Read more.


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