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First Lady Michelle Obama Gives Keynote Address At SXSW In Austin, Texas

Michelle Obama made her highly anticipated appearance on The Late Late Show‘s “Carpool Karaoke” segment with host James Corden on Wednesday.

Not only did the First Lady belt Beyoncé songs, but she also got her rap on with surprise guest passenger Missy Elliott. Missy was just as excited as everyone else to watch Mrs. Obama sing along to one of her songs.

The emcee recalled first meeting FLOTUS back in March, when she joined Obama for the keynote speech at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and although she was nervous, “I remember her holding her arms out and coming towards me to hug me. Everything ran through my mind like, ‘Wait ’til my mama sees this! Wait ’til my cousins see this!’”

It wasn’t until June that Missy got to spend time with Michelle Obama while filming her “Carpool Karaoke” episode. Missy revealed, “Just when you think you’ve reached the highest place, you find yourself pulling up to the White House and you’re walking inside a building that you’ve known about since you were a little, little kid. They’re taking you around and showing you [things] – even down to the plates that each president might have eaten on. It’s like, ‘Wow, can’t believe it.’”

Missy admits that she was nervous rapping in a car with the First Lady while surrounded by a bunch of cameras, but she says she “was probably more nervous about forgetting my words.”

She continued, “[I was worried] I’d start mixing ‘Work It’ with ‘The Rain’ with ‘Get Ur Freak On.’ But I wasn’t nervous about being in the car because they made me feel like they knew me. When we got in the car and I saw her rapping ‘Get Ur Freak On,’ it kind of bugged me out!” Elliott confirms that the FLOTUS indeed knew all the words. “I know for a fact that it was all over my face like, ‘Wait, is she rapping this?’ But that goes to show you just how cool she is.”

Check out the hilarious clip above and find out what else Missy had to say about Mrs. Obama here.


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