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Last night’s episode of The People v O.J. Simpson delved into the inner workings of lead prosecutor Marcia Clark and the tactics O.J. Simpson‘s “Dream Team” of lawyers used to best her.

Marcia, who was going through a custody battle with her ex-husband while working 70 hours a week and taking care of her children, was disheveled and visibly bothered by the boys club she was forced to fight every time she stepped into court.

When she called detective Mark Fuhrman (Steven Pasquale) to the stand, defense attorney F. Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane) questioned him about his past use of the n-word, repeating the racial slur over and over again, as was done in real life.

Now, star Cuba Gooding Jr. (who plays Mr. Simpson) is defending the series’ repeated use of the word. Cuba tells PEOPLE:

“Absolutely I think it’s important,” Gooding, 48, tells PEOPLE of viewers hearing the n-word. “Our job as artists is to reflect the ills of society sometimes and to find a truth in that, and I think you can’t start the healing process until you recognize the truth and all of its ugly warts and all.”

The site continues:

The star adds that next week’s episode, which covers the infamous “Fuhrman tapes” was “the most upsetting” for him to film.

“That one’s brutal,” he says.

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