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Rick Warren is asking for your prayers this Easter as he and his family remember his son, who killed himself two years ago Sunday. 

This is what he asks of  you

Yesterday I wrote this request for prayer to my staff. I now share it with you:

Dear Staff,

I’m asking for you prayers as I am sure you will understand the reason I need it.

On this Easter week two years ago, my son Matthew ended his life, and his 27 year battle with mental illness. That day, April 5th, coming 5 days after Easter, was the worst day of my life. I called that week “The Battle For Hope” because each day that week we launched a different hope initiative, and then on Friday Matthew died.

Last year, I was grateful that Easter came late, so Kay and I, and our family, were able to quietly mark Matthew’s death a few weeks before Easter came, with its celebration.

This year, April 5th IS Easter.

On a day where everything in me wants to be quiet and low key, be alone at home with my Lord and my wife and kids, and just get through the day without having to interact or be “on” or celebrate anything…. instead I will be leading multiple Easter services on the biggest Christian day of the year.

Of course, I WILL celebrate Easter, because the Resurrection IS that unmovable hope, that steadfast reality, that soothes and comforts the loss in my heart. I’d just rather, if it was up to me, celebrate that hope quietly and privately, rather that smile for a hundred selfies with visitors on the patio, or preach multiple services continuously for 4 days starting on Thursday.

So I ask for your prayers. Pray that out of my family’s pain, Jesus Christ will be honored. Pray that the Holy Spirit will tell me what to say. And pray that He will then give me the strength to say it over and over and over with winsome passion.

Thank you.

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