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By Rashad Phillips

New Growth Hair magazine

After reading two of Anthony Browder’s books entitled From The Browder Files and Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization, I made a commitment to myself to travel to Ancient Kemet. In April 2014, I took a 6,123 mile journey from Charlotte to Cairo. During the 12 hour flight from New York to Cairo, I wondered about how I would be treated. Would I be treated like a stranger or would I be treated like an African who now lives in America? It wasn’t long after I landed that I found my answer. When I arrived in Giza to see Khufu’s Pyramid and Heru-em-akhet (The Sphinx), I was greeted by a brown skinned young girl who said “Welcome Home African, you have my color!” as she pointed to her skin. In that moment, I completely embraced the term African-American. Throughout my entire time in Kemet, no one thought I was an American, the locals called me African, which was music to my ears. Read about his experience here.

Rashad Phillips is a Charlotte accountant and publisher of New Growth Hair magazine. He is a frequent contributor to Praise Charlotte.